Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More brutal numbers for Kasich as SB 5 rammed through House

Corporate stooge Ohio Gov. John Kasich may be crowing that SB 5 is being rammed through a House committee right now, but he'll pay a price for it. A new poll shows that it isn't just the protesters outside the Statehouse who hate Kasich, hate his budget and hate SB 5. 

A Quinnipiac University poll found:
Ohio voters disapprove 46 - 30 percent of the way Gov. John Kasich is handling his job, with women disapproving 48 - 25 percent and men disapproving 44 - 37 percent ...Voters say 53 - 36 percent that Gov. Kasich's budget is unfair to them.  (Note: We bet those numbers get worse for Kasich once voters learn more about the budget.) 
Voters oppose legislation working its way through the Ohio legislature that would limit the ability of public workers to collectively bargain, the independent Quinnipiac University survey finds. But the question wording has some influence on voter response:

Half of those surveyed were asked about a bill that limited "collective bargaining," and oppose the measure 48 - 41 percent;

The other half were asked about a bill that limited "collective bargaining rights," and oppose that measure 54 - 35 percent.
If you're wondering why people hate Kasich, aside from SB 5 and steep budget cuts, Alternet provides a primer here.

And for an update on protest rallies in Ohio, look here.