Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great WI recall ad (video)

Efforts to recall in Wisconsin Republican senators got a boost today with a terrific new ad. It features the people of Wisconsin: teachers, corrections officers, administrative workers and college students. They have this to say: 
This is for my children, my wife, our friends and neighbors. This is for our community.
Republicans declared war on the middle class. Now, with this recall campaign, we are fighting back. And we are going to win.
The ad is paid for by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America. It will run in multiple media markets in Wisconsin. Even without the ad, recall efforts are going strong.

We note the frontrunner for recall, Sen. Dan Hanky-Kapanke, recently told the LaCrosse Tribune, “I love campaigns. I just didn’t think I’d do one every year.” (Cue up the world's smallest violins.)

For more information on how to recall Kapanke and seven other Republican senators, go to the Teamsters Recall page.