Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keeping up the fight in OH today

From the tweetosphere: Petitions ignored by OH Republicans.
House Republicans in Ohio are getting ready to approve the heinous SB5 bill, which would strip collective bargaining rights from government workers. Brother Fred Crow right now is surrounded by 15 Teamsters in Columbus, where they're protesting the bill. Here's his report:
There’s probably 150 or so in the building and there are probably about 500 outside. People are still coming.
Everyone knows the bill is going to get signed this week. People are passing out sign up sheets to volunteer to hand out petitions.
There’s chanting going on. There is a speaker system and various unions are giving speeches.
"Petitions" means that Ohioans will collect signatures for a citizens' veto of the bill once it passes. Given the polling numbers on SB 5, it looks like they'll be able to overturn it. Which leads us to Fred's solidarity message:
We need to keep fighting.