Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Woo-hoo! WI judge blocks anti-worker law AGAIN

For the second time, a judge has blocked the Wisconsin anti-worker law. Judge Maryann Sumi said for the first time that those who violate the law are subject to sanctions.

Sumi rebuked the Koch whores Republicans who tried to implement the law, saying: 
Apparently that language was either misunderstood or ignored, but what I said was the further implementation of (the law) was enjoined. That is what I now want to make crystal clear.
Sumi’s issuance of a temporary restraining order halting the anti-worker bill was clear the first time around. The order barred Secretary of State Doug La Follette from making the law effective by publishing it. On March 25, Walker tried to circumvent the law by getting the Legislative Reference Bureau, a state agency, to post the text of the law on its website.

Critics said it was like going to Kinko's to publish the law. Nonetheless, Walker’s administration began implementing the law, charging government workers more for benefits and ceasing the collection of union dues.

Here's what's really interesting: Sumi noted all the legal wrangling and expense could be spared by Republicans taking another vote on the bill, with sufficient notice to meet the state’s open meetings laws requirements. Sumi said:
I am dismayed at this point that given the relatively easy fix for this that thousands and thousands of dollars are being spent, all being footed by the taxpayers of this state, to pursue this litigation.
We're just wondering if this means the Republicans aren't sure they have the votes to pass the bill again.

We have just one question: Why aren't these Republicans working on creating jobs for Wisconsin?