Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet the Kochs' future union-busters (video)

The union-busting billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch, are right now shaping the union-busters of the future through their Koch Associate Program. Check out the brainwashing guide informational video on the one-year Koch program. Once your skin stops crawling, see if you can understand what it is they actually do. Here’s how one drone program manager describes it:
Our long-term vision is to have folks engaged in roles that contribute to the advancement of what we call the science of liberty.
We'd like to know just what they mean by “science of liberty.” The Kochs fund a vast propaganda network, and you'd think they could do better than a video that never defines "liberty." Oh wait, maybe that's because "liberty" means buying politicians like Scott Walker so they can strip workers of their collective bargaining rights.

We define liberty as good jobs with decent wages and health care for working families. True liberty means a democratic process where corporations can’t buy off politicians like Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker.

In case you're interested, the Koch Associate Program puts young Stepford trainees to work with one of Koch’s DC-based front groups, as in the Tea Party (Americans for Prosperity).

Looks like our fight will continue for a long time, against a new Koch generation of union busters.