Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gigundo rally in NH today

Tiny New Hampshire is gearing up for a huge rally at the Statehouse today, as the House votes on a budget that's been described as "Wisconsin on steroids." The bill basically dissolves government workers' unions when their contracts expire. The budget also severely cuts services for the disabled, the mentally ill, children, the homeless, education and public safety. 

And get a load of this: According to ProgressNow,
...the House also passed HB 580, an “Omnibus” pension bill sponsored by Rep. Neal Kurk to reduce public employees’ bargaining rights. It specifically states that as a contract term expires, employees’ health and pension benefits can be unilaterally changed (or eliminated) by employers.
Even as people head toward Concord, citizens were removed from the Statehouse gallery an hour into the House session. Chanting and the song, "We Shall Not Be Moved," echoed through the gallery.

Our Teamster brothers and sisters from Local 633 are already at the Statehouse. They are meeting with senators to pesuade them to kill the bill. Then they'll join the protesters outside. 

Stay tuned.