Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Protesters seize DC bldg during WI GOP fundraiser

Hundreds of protesters rushed passed security guards today and noisily occupied the cavernous marble lobby of the D.C. building where Wisconsin Republicans held a corporate fundraiser. For an hour their thunderous chants echoed against the walls as news cameras and reporters recorded the event.

Outside, hundreds if not thousands more protesters marched in front of the building,  601 13th St. NW in the heart of the capital's business district.

Participating in the $1,000-a-head gala-that-we-hope-wasn't-much-fun were Wisconsin Senate President Scott Fitzgerald; his brother, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, and two senators eligible for recall, Alberta Darling and Glenn Grothmann.

Rally Girl will have more details soon. Photos will be posted on Thursday as we are still experiencing technical difficulties.