Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recall fever hits WI

Protesters continue to March in Madison for workers' rights today, but plenty of people are out collecting signatures to recall the eight Republican senators who voted against workers. If only three are recalled (which is looking eminently doable right now), then Democrats retake control of the Senate.

Tweets @DefendWisconsin:
A great day for rallies, recall canvassing, and more! #wiunion!
And this from @babaoreilymike:
Collecting pledge signatures on Carroll&west wash for recall walker. Come sign and say hey! RT please #wiunion #wearewi
In one Senate district, there are six -- count 'em -- six separate actions in six cities and towns to recall LaCrosse Republican Dan Kapanke. Dennis Kern just offered this update on his Recall Dan Kapanke blog:
Wow! What progress! You are Wisconsin! I can see it in your eyes when you stand on the street or at your corner grocery store with a clip board in your hand; how you love Wisconsin, your family, and your children. ...Pride and patriotism is aloft in the March wind of Wisconsin, a wind to fill the sail of Democracy and lift the kite of freedom. ...Wow! There are friendly people of all ages out canvassing, volunteering, and providing locations for you to sign a recall petition....We Will Recall Dan Kapanke. KEEP IT UP!
Sen. Alberta Darling on Menomonee Falls ought to be worried about her political future if the tweetosphere is correct. @socialmatt tweeted
There are literally 4 Protesters to every major intersection in Menomonie for recall efforts. Amazing! #wiunion #wearewi
And so many signatures are being collected today to recall Sen. Luther Olsen of Ripon they need help entering data. Tweeted @PurrpleCatMama:
Talked w/folks from Olsen recall.... PORTAGE office needs help w/data entry, esp 16-17 yr olds as U can't canvas. Bring laptop. #wiunion

Wisconsin recall efforts are getting plenty of help on the airwaves as well.  The recall ad above is being run by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America in LaCrosse, Milwaukee and Green Bay. They've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker rammed through the Legislature a bill destroying collective bargaining rights for government workers. The ads point viewers to