Monday, March 28, 2011

3 shockers from WI

1. Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget increases spending by $610 million. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel,
If new quasi-public agencies are included, Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget would increase overall spending by 1% over two years rather than reduce it as the administration had said earlier this month.
A report released Monday by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau showed the state would spend a proposed $64.1 billion in state and federal dollars over two years after including amounts that are being transferred to quasi-public authorities like the University of Wisconsin-Madison. That would amount to $609.5 million more over the 2011-'13 budget.
2. @news3jessica reports
Response to our open records request fr DOA: Walker spent $41,935 on use of state planes for trips around state since Jan.
Yup, that's $42,000 in taxpayer dollars in less than three months to promote himself.

3. Walker tried to pull a fast one (again). He's ignoring a court order and going ahead as if his anti-worker bill is law. A court will decide tomorrow if he's correct (he's not).

Has he no decency?