Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6K in dramatic MI protest today

This pictures was just taken in Lansing.
We're learning that about 6,000 protesters are marching on Lansing, Mich., today to protest a bill that would allow the governor to declare financial martial law on cities and towns. They have taken over the Rotunda, and the tweetosphere is reporting that state troopers are trying to clear the building.
TC_Blindman tweets:
RT @MMflint: State police have now entered rotunda. People not leaving. We're still streaming live. Michigan has had it. #madmi
Uncucumbered tweets:
Crowd inside Capitol is chanting "Yes we can" and "We are one" #P2 #MIUnion #MadMI
Michael Moore is livestreaming the protest. Watch it here:

ThinkProgress adds this nugget about Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed budget:
It would make Michigan’s already regressive tax system even more unfair for the state’s poorest residents. The plan cuts taxes on business by more than 86 percent while slashing$1.2 billion in funding for “schools, universities, local governments and other areas.” Snyder also wants to raise personal taxes by 30 percent — an increase that will fall disproportionately on Michigan’s lowest income residents.