Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Govs gone wild are tanking in the polls

People are hating on the extremist Republican governors who've attacked the working people in their state, from Koch whore Wisconsin's Scott Walker to corporate stooge Ohio's John Kasich. The latest entrant in this rogue's gallery is the man who should be in jail but instead got elected Florida's governor, Rick Scott.

Slate is reporting that Scott has "joined the ranks of the new Republican governors who've torqued everybody off":
So Scott joins John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin in the ranks of GOP governors with horrible robo-poll numbers only three months into their terms. The Florida difference: There hasn't been a robust union or Democratic protest movement of Scott. There's just negative media coverage about how his family could benefit from his own policies, complaints from Republicans about his leadership, disapproval of his cuts to education and the state workforce (as he phases in an end to corporate taxes), irritation with the cancellation of the Tampa-Orlando rail line, etc and so on.

Here's a roundup of their numbers:
  • In Florida, Rick Scott:  Public Policy Polling on March 29 show 32% Approve, 55% Disapprove.
  • In  Ohio, John Kasich: A Quinnipiac University poll on March 23 shows 30% Approve, 46% Disapprove. Also “Ohio Senate Bill 5 may not be in effect for very long...54% of voters in the state say they'd repeal it in an election later this year while just 31% say they'd vote to let the bill stand.
  • In Michigan, Rick Snyder: Public Policy Polling on March 22 show 33% Approve, 50% Disapprove. Also, in Michigan, 59% think government workers should have collective bargaining rights and 32% are opposed.
  • In Wisconsin, Scott Walker: Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Poll on March 7 shows 43% Approve, 53% Disapprove. Walker's negatives are up 18 points since November. 
  • In Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett: A Franklin and Marshall College Poll on March 17 shows 33% Favorable, 23% Unfavorable.
We can't wait to see what Maine's wingnut Gov. Paul LePage's numbers look like.