Monday, February 18, 2013

What real union people say about unions

Back by popular demand:

Mark Edward Wallace
I was a Teamster many years ago, and proud of it, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have a Pension and SSD to live off in my Disability that I am in today !!! and if it wasn't for the Teamsters and all the Unions, all of us Americans would be working for next to nothing like all these other countrys that can't even vote for rites as a nation ! Thank God for the Unions that kept Americans working for fair wages and working conditions as well as Pensions!
Joe Bell
Big Government, Big Companies, little working person -- who is going to win? Go UNION or go by yourself.
Brian Diehl
It's a shame more people aren't informed enough to know and understand the benefits of being a union member. If you don't understand something it's easier just to curse it or hate it. 24 years and loving it. Sheet Metal Workers' Local 100.
Louann Smith
...I also work at Kentucky truck plant uaw 862. The union is the only reason I make a living wage,with out the union pay will be not much over minimum wage,and let me tell you people the cars and trucks will not be any cheaper.
Steve Armstrong
Entirely perplexed as to why so many hard workers are non union and why they refuse to be. What is it they can't see? Do they not want an improved lifestyle? Local 100 Cincinnati Ohio for 25 years and extremely proud of it.
Kevin O'Donnell 
If not for the union, my workplace would be a poorly run slave camp.
Eric Crawford 
Yeah down with unions! How dare they demand fair pay and benefits. Who wants a standard work week with paid overtime? We should all just shut up and be proud to do are part working 12+ hour shifts for minimum wage straight time with no breaks..... Don't you know we are lucky to have jobs at all?!
George Foster 
Who do you think fought for all that stuff, random individuals? It was union membership and solidarity that weathered the police beatings, employer bullying and threats that made even the non-union jobs receive benefits. If the unions hadn't prevailed, it would still be 16-hour sweatshops, minimum wages and NO vacations and medical benefits. You should all THANK GOD every day for unions!
Randy Lowe
Yep I'm union and love it. Gives my family a great quality of life. Retirement I never had working for nonunion contractors in Idaho. As well as health benefits. I don't care what people say union workers work just as card and are better trained than mon union workers. Been there done that.
Dan Durso
Yeah, they also deliver your food, take care of your parents, teach your kids, plow your roads, put out your fires, protect your streets, deliver your beer, build your cars, build your airplanes, fly your airplanes, repair your airplanes, build your jet engines, etc, etc.....