Sunday, February 17, 2013

More convictions expected in scandal surrounding Scott Walker

Will Wisconsin Job-killer Gov. Scott Walker be one of them?

Six convictions have already resulted from the "John Doe" criminal investigation of people surrounding Walker when he was Milwaukee County Executive. More are likely, according to the Cognitive Dissidence blog

Investigators are batting 1.000 as all charged were convicted. The investigation is still going on. Late last year the Associated Press reported the investigation is still open, according to the judge overseeing it. More recently, a spokesperson said Walker is fully cooperating with investigators

Wispolitics reported on Jan. 31 that Walker transferred $40,000 from his campaign fund to his criminal defense fund on the last day of the year. He now has $200,000 in the fund.

Walker says the money is for the cost of cooperating with investigators. But Politiscoop points out Wisconsin law says government officials may only set up legal defense funds if they are being investigated or charged with breaking campaign finance or election laws. 

Wisconsin Statutes permit a state government official who is being investigated for or charged with a violation of campaign finance laws [chapter 11, Wisconsin Statutes] or prohibited election practices [chapter 12, Wisconsin Statutes] to establish a “legal defense fund” for expenditures supporting or defending the candidate while that person is being investigated for, or charged with, or convicted of a violation of those chapters.
Walker is at least concerned that he'll join the following miscreants: