Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Washington Post features 2 UPS Teamsters commenting on Obama

President Obama's visit to UPS in Las Vegas
Two of our UPS brothers were featured today in a Washington Post curtain-raiser about President Obama's State of the Union speech.

Don Clark is a member of Local 631 in Las Vegas. Post reporter Zachary Goldfarb writes,
UPS worker Don Clark hobbled on injured knees to see President Obama come to his warehouse last year to tout the main ideas in the annual State of the Union address — clean energy, tax fairness, a manufacturing revival and a stronger economy. 
A year later, Clark still believes in Obama, but feels frustrated by the president’s struggle to get enough support for his agenda. “It’s incomplete and more work needs to be done,” Clark, 42, said at a bar near the shipping company’s warehouse here. “I have lowered expectations...”
Clark ... still keeps his ticket from attending the event with the president in January 2012, saying Obama has led the country in a better direction. 
“He has great ideas for rebuilding what’s been lost,” Clark said. “He doesn’t have the power to do everything he suggests.”  
Eddie Fischmann, a Las Vegas UPS driver on leave with the Teamsters, was also interviewed. He said Obama was focusing the nation's attention on the need for good jobs:
He’s having a hard time getting his agenda through. He’s not going to get the opposition to do everything he wants.
Well said, brothers!