Saturday, February 9, 2013

Teamsters keep moving during blizzard

Highway 84 in West Hartford, Ct. Impassable.
Thousands of Teamsters in the Midwest, Northeast and Canada braved the massive storm that brought hurricane-force winds, two to three feet of snow and widespread power outages. Teamsters kept moving through it all, driving trains, carrying schoolchildren, plowing roads and delivering food, packages and beer.

Sam Theman commented:
This is what the union thugs do. Work in dangerous conditions to keep the citizens safe. Go union forever.
The storm first hit the Midwest. Anne Kopal-Stuart, a member of Teamsters Local 777 in Lyons, Ill., drove schoolchildren home safely on Friday afternoon:
We all got caught in the first wave, that blasted thru the Midwest, not to BRAG, but We all SAFELY delivered Busloads of Precious Cargo Safe & Sound on roads that were nothing but sheets of ice, while being pelted with golf-ball sized snow-flakes. 
At 9:30 Friday night, UPS driver Colby Johnson from Local 264 just got home.
  Getting worse over here in western New York now. 
David Thomas MacMillan from Teamsters Local 170 and Steven Newman from Teamsters Local127 were already plowing on the Mass Pike. Newman posted:
Long hours ahead of us to go! Keep it safe Union Brothers and Sisters! My 30th year doing this 10 to go! 
Here's what some of our other brothers were doing: Jesse James Hammond from Local 264 was hauling gas for Crossett Inc, in Tonawanda, N.Y. Jim Sweenburg from Local 317 in Syracuse, N.Y., delivered liquor and wine to everyone. Charles Hainsworth from Local 628 in Philadelphia was keeping the chassis and trailers going from the intermodal yard. Sean Kennedy from Local 182 in Utica, N.Y., was plowing snow.

The Associated Press tells us just how bad it was:
A behemoth storm packing hurricane-force wind gusts and blizzard conditions swept through the Northeast on Saturday, dumping more than 2 feet of snow on New England and knocking out power to 650,000 homes and businesses. 
More than 28 inches of snow had fallen on central Connecticut by early Saturday, and areas of southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire notched 2 feet or more of snow – with more falling. Airlines scratched more than 5,300 flights through Saturday, and New York City's three major airports and Boston's Logan Airport closed.
The New York City SanMen (New York's Strongest) were out in force with their usual esprit de corps. As the storm approached Andy Seifert posted on Facebook:
Thanks for the support bros. We are going to hold it down like we always do. 831 NY'S Strongest baby!
Tommy Smyth, a proud member of Local 404 in Springfield, also provided an essential service. He posted:
My fellow brothers and myself, considered "essential personnel" to many as we showed true swagger in delivering Budweiser and its brand for the local distributor we all work for.
Check out the Teamsters Facebook page to see comments from people who appreciate what union THUGGS do during storms. Susan Burrell Lewandowski, for example, thanked Boston Teamsters:
Thank you Teamsters Local 25 from Stop & Shop Distribution Center! I know you may have to sleep in Freetown tonight! Your commitment to getting the food and necessities out is greatly appreciated!!!
And remember, THUGGS stands for Those Helpful Union Guys and Gals!