Thursday, April 7, 2011

WI recall: Another one down!

Voters will wipe that smile off his face.
Randy Randy Hopper will get a wake-up recall today at 3:30 CDT. Volunteers will deliver enough signed petitions to the state Government Accountability Office to trigger a recall election of the lusty state senator. Hopper is the second Republican senator to face the voters' wrath. The Capital Times reports:
Petitions to trigger a recall election against Sen. Dan Kapanke, R- La Crosse, were turned in to the Government Accountability Board last Friday.
"Randy Hopper, like Dan Kapanke before him, made his choice when he cast his lot with Scott Walker and his extreme power grab," said Mike Tate, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. "Today, a coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independents took the historic steps of calling him to account."

Maggie Brick, the party's executive director, said just under 23,000 signatures have been collected, far more than the 15,629 needed to trigger a recall election.
You will recall that Hopper's own wife wants him recalled, we presume because he's living with his 26-year-old mistress outside of his Fond du Lac district. The mistress, a Republican lobbyist (natch), got a job with the state paying 35 percent more than her predecessor.

The reason for the recall, though, is that Hopper voted for a bill to strip government workers of their collective bargaining rights. After casting his vote, we wonder if he went back to his love nest and stripped his own little government worker.

We have six more Republican state senators to recall. If you're a Wisconsinite and need to know how to do it, here's how.