Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Woo-hoo! In WI, deadline passes for recalls of 2 Dem senators

The Wisconsin State News brings us the happy tidings:
Sen. Spencer Coggs
Organizers have come up short on recall efforts of two Democratic senators targeted after leaving the state in protest of Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union bill.

Organizers for the committees to recall Sen. Mark Miller of Monona and Sen. Spencer Coggs of Milwaukee failed to turn in recall petitions by Tuesday's deadline.

Sen. Mark Miller
While efforts to recall Coggs are likely dead, a second recall committee for Miller has a later filing deadline. Miller organizers who missed Tuesday's deadline did not immediately return calls for comment.
Five Republicans and three Democrats so far are facing recall in Wisconsin, though Democrats are challenging the validity of some of the signatures. Tomorrow, Cowardly Rob Cowles will likely get the bad news that he'll face a recall too, as organizers say they'll submit their petitions tomorrow. (He earns the moniker "Cowardly" because he said he'd vote against Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's bill to destroy government worker unions -- and then voted for it.)