Thursday, April 28, 2011

You'll get arrested and maced if you ask this wingnut rep. about Medicare

Talking Points Memo has the story:
A constituent arrested at a Florida town hall event in Rep. Allen West's district says she was singled out for political reasons, taken into custody under false pretenses, and maced in jail. And she has video to prove some, if not all, of it.
Nicole Sandler is a progressive radio show host*, and one of West's constituents. At a town hall event Tuesday, West was screening questions ...When he ducked a question about the House GOP plan to phase out Medicare and replace it with a private insurance system, Sandler shouted out a followup.
"I wanted to ask: How does privatizing Medicare make it more efficient? How does adding a profit motive to it make it more efficient? And I want to know the name and telephone number of an insurance company who will sell a policy to... someone who's 75 years old, obese, with high blood pressure..."
Here's what we love about this story: West has the nerve to claim the current "fee for service" system under Medicare leads to fraud. Any guesses whose company paid the highest criminal fine in history for Medicare fraud? That would be Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott.