Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tea Partier we can agree with (sort of) (VIDEO)

Thanks again to Think Progress for this interview with South Carolina state Sen. Tom Davis, a  member of the Tea Party. Davis says the central political battle isn't about Republicans vs. Democrats, but corporations vs. the individuals. He's mad as hell about corporations hiring lobbyists to get special deals from the government (that's known as predatory capitalism).

And good for Sen. Davis, he knows his history: the Boston Tea Party wasn't about higher taxes, it was about a tax cut for a multinational, the Dutch East India Company. The special favor would have meant the company could have Wal-marted American entrepreneurs out of businesses back in 1773.

Davis is a little nutty on the "free hand of the marketplace" business. We happen to believe that successful entrepreneurship results from a strong middle class and government support. But still, a lot of what he says makes sense.

Who knew?