Friday, April 22, 2011

Clueless in FL: Slick Rick needs a puppetmaster (link to video)

We knew Slick Rick Scott should have gone to jail instead of ending up as Florida's governor. But we didn't know he was clueless.

The backstory: Floridians are furious that Slick Rick accepted $30 million from BP instead of joining a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against TransOcean for the oil leak that polluted the Gulf of Mexico and killed 11 workers.

So Slick Rick tried to do some damage control by talking to the media via satellite. The production crew left the mic on in between takes to reveal a muddled, aloof governor -- who needed to be coached on why he did the deal with BP!!!

Watch here as WESH pulls the trigger on Slick Rick.
Not only did Scott receive coaching about whether or not Orlando residents vacation in the Panhandle, he also got advice on how to explain why he accepted $30 million in marketing money from BP instead of going after potentially billions from TransOcean.
"Just continue to say that what's best for Florida is to continue to work through the process," an adviser said. "It just doesn't make sense."
Ignore those Koch brothers behind the curtain!