Thursday, April 21, 2011

'I make six figures, but I'm not rich'

We’re not sure when owning three homes, a yacht, and thoroughbred racehorses became the new middle class, but that’s apparently what America’s richest citizens are calling it.

America’s wealthiest citizens don’t realize they’re wealthy. (You’d think the extra zeros at the end of their paycheck would be the clue in).

According to Catherine Rampell, a New York Times blogger, “most upper-income earners (the 6 percent of Americans in households earning over $250,000) do not see themselves as being part of the upper-income bracket.”

Rampell relies on information gathered from Gallup polls to further illustrate her point, which can be read here.

(By the way, 6 percent of these rich people think their own taxes are too low. But 30 percent think rich people's taxes are too low. Go figure.)