Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walker hires another unqualified hack

First, there was the 26-year-old mistress of randy Sen. Randy Hopper who got a state job and $11,000 more a year than her  predecessor.

Then there was the loser son of the lobbyist, a college dropout with two DUIs. He was somehow qualified for an $81,500-a-year job overseeing environmental regulation.

Now Koch whore Wiconsin Gov. Scott Walker invites another hack to join his hack haven administration. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:
In picking a new register of deeds for Marinette County, Gov. Scott Walker picked a Republican campaign worker with no experience with land records and vital records.
He passed over three candidates with detailed knowledge of how the office of the register of deeds works, including two deputies who have worked in the office for years...The appointment has upset employees in the register of deeds office who applied for the job. One of the three employees in the office transferred to another county job, and another said she was considering doing the same, which would leave (Renee) Miller without an experienced staff as she gets to know the office.
Here's a shock: The only person who recommended Renee Miller was the guy she campaigned for. The person who was passed over had 16 letters of recommendation.

Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley asked for a federal investigation of Walker's hiring practices. It's not likely to happen, but we can dream, can't we?