Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mexico's Highway of Death

U.S. DOT's insane plan to open the border to Mexican trucks is ostensibly to promote trade between our two nations.

Read this Washington Post story, though, about how few people are now traveling the once-busy "Highway of Death." It's a major trade route. Or was. Reports the Post:
Highway 101 is not a country road. In normal times, it is the most heavily traveled thoroughfare in the state. The highway funnels trade from the interior of Mexico to the busiest border crossings in the world, with 15 bridges from Tamaulipas into the United States along the Rio Grande from Nuevo Laredo to Matamoros.
The reason no one wants to drive Highway 101 is that psychotic criminals are dragging people off of buses traveling the road. They rape the women, murder the men and dump them all in mass graves. In the town of San Fernando, 177 bodies have been found -- so far. That's the same place where 72  migrants were slaughtered last year.

Last week, 68 migrants were found in a stash house near the border. They'd been taken from buses or bus stations.

So obviously opening the border will bring absolutely no opportunity to American truck drivers because Mexico is too damn dangerous. That's something you might want to say when you submit your comment to the Department of Transportation about keeping the border closed. Just click here, click on the orange "Submit a comment" button, fill in the blanks and have at them.