Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another GOP WI senator prepares for recall

Soon-to-be unemployed senator
Wisconsin Sen. Glenn Grothman doesn't sound too confident he'll overcome the recall efforts against him. Grothman told
“I guess this is a very serious, determined group of people, and I have to raise more money and recruit more volunteers," he said, after hearing of the rally. "I’m having a fundraiser — maybe I should have another fundraiser to get the money in case they get the signatures."
More than enough signatures to trigger a recall election have already been filed for Grothman's colleagues, Sens. randy Randy Hopper and Dan Hanky-Kapanke. This week, Sen. Alberta Darling was questioned in a TJ Maxx parking lot by a working mother of four and recall effort volunteer.

Republicans will lose control of the Wisconsin state Senate if only three of the eight Republican senators who voted to end collective bargaining rights for workers are recalled.

Wisconsin voters will rally on Saturday, April 16, in Saukville, as they continue to collect signatures to recall Grothman. Speakers at the SLOBs (Supporting Labor Over Billionaires) rally will include Sen. Chris Larson of the Fab 14, as well as rank-and-file workers.

Grothman memorably referred to the diverse group of workers who rallied at the Statehouse in Madison, including nurses, firefighters and snow plow drivers, this way:
"We can no longer continue to have all these slobs in the building."
Rest assured, these so-called "slobs" will have the final word. To find out more about how to recall Grothman, go to the Teamsters recall page.