Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank the WI recall volunteers

Take a few minutes to thank the volunteers who gathered recall petition signatures against the Republican senators who voted to end collective bargaining rights for government workers in Wisconsin. Their efforts were truly historic.

Already, petitions have been filed against five senators, Sens. Dan Hanky-Kapanke, randy Randy Hopper, Lex Luther Olsen, Subsidy Sheila Harsdorf and Alberta (not so) Darling. More recalls are expected to follow for the three remaining senators, Sens. Glenn Grothman, Robert Cowles and Mary Lazich.

Send your thank you here and see what appreciative people across the country have to say.

Mary Ann from Sheboygan, Wis., writes:
Thank you for fighting back. You may well be instrumental in saving our Democracy from becoming a Corpocracy. Last but not least, we will need the votes to complete this mission. Ever Onward!!!!
Jediah White from Madison, Wis., says:
Thank you so much for your willingness to take action, despite all the reasons it would be safer, easier, and less controversial not to. Please keep fighting the good fight!
Richard Bunker from Jenkintown, Pa., writes:
Thank you so much for giving your time and energy to this cause. We can't put up with the government giving huge tax breaks to big corporations, then trying to extract the money from teachers. Way to go!
We'd like to thank our Teamster brothers and sisters in Wisconsin!