Friday, April 15, 2011

U.S. House votes to end Medicare, cut taxes for wealthy, raise taxes for middle class

Today the U.S. House of Representatives voted to end Medicare, raise taxes for the middle class and cut taxes for millionaires.

The proposal now goes to the Senate, where it has no chance of passing. But 235 Republican representatives swallowed some powerful political poison by voting to destroy America's middle class today.

You'd think they'd learn a lesson from the Governors Gone Wild -- the ones who slash budgets, destroy collective bargaining rights and cut taxes for corporations. They've tanked in the polls. A new poll shows corporate stooge Ohio Gov. John Kasich's approval at a miserable 37 percent, with 56 percent rating him negatively.

In Michigan, Rick Snyder has a 50 percent disapproval rating. In Florida, Rick Scott has a 55 percent disapproval rating. In Wisconsin, Koch whore Scott Walker's negatives are up 18 points since November.

It's not just an American phenomenon. Europe is facing many of the same problems we are here, and leaders who come up with Scott Walker solutions are heading for retirement. reports:
Popular anger at bail-outs, austerity and general economic uncertainty has already toppled leaders on the eurozone’s periphery: first in Ireland, then Portugal and arguably Spain, where José Luis Zapatero has said he will not seek a third term as prime minister.

Now, anger is beginning to infect Europe’s prosperous core, where mainstream parties are losing ground to populist outsiders playing on resentment and frustration triggered by austerity and falling living standards.
Why politicians around the world misunderstand the economically angry mainstream is baffling, until you consider they're not really in charge. What the multinationals want, the multinationals get.