Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tell the government what you think about Mexican trucks

It's simple. Click here and write your comment. That's it. The government will have to read and respond to all of them.

This is important. The multinational corporations and their front groups are all submitting comments. Make sure YOUR voice is heard.

We have until May 13 to submit our comments on why this is the dumbest idea ever. You need to include a reason, so here's one.

According to Borderland Beat:
At least 106 U.S. residents were victims of "executions" or "homicides" directly related to drug battles in Mexico in 2010, compared to 79 in 2009 and 35 in 2007, according to the State Department figures....
And experts — and the State Department itself — say the number is certainly much higher. For example, the State Department doesn’t list several recent high-profile deaths that have been publicly linked to the drug cartels or cases in which Americans have vanished or been killed in the U.S. by Mexican drug gangs.
So, click on the link and write something like this: More and more Americans are getting killed in Mexico. No American trucking company will send its drivers to get murdered in Mexico. So this trade deal isn't a two-way street, it's just a way of letting Mexican trucking companies profit at the expense of American drivers. Also, American law enforcement officials can't bring weapons to Mexico, so how will highway officials inspect the Mexican trucks on-site?

(Don't write it exactly, though, because form letters don't count as much.)