Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palin booed in Madison (VIDEO)

"...there she was on Saturday afternoon, a throng of Tea Party supporters cheering her on and a throng of union supporters trying to shout them (and her) down."
That's the way Monica Davey of the New York Times described Sarah Palin's appearance at a Tea Party rally in Madison last weekend. Watch the video and judge for yourself whether the union supporters "tried" to shout them down.

This is the same New York Times reporter who wrote about "a union guy in a union town" who supported Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's plan to strip government workers of their collective bargaining rights. Only problem was the guy didn't belong to a union. Davey and her co-reporter, A. G. Sulzberger, couldn't even spell his name right.

(We'd like to know, btw, what kind of a staffing decision is it to put the son of the owner of a unionized newspaper on a story about unions.)

Here's a longer version, which includes provocateur Andrew Breitbart explaining how unions have no right to lecture the Tea Party on civility and then screams "Go to Hell."