Monday, April 25, 2011

WI GOP rep gets huffy with constituents (VIDEO)

Remember Sean Duffy, the congressman who whined that he's struggling on his $174,000-a-year salary? Well, he held a Town Hall meeting in his district last week, and his constituents gave him hell. Seems he was defending his fellow Wisconsin Republican, Rep. Paul Ryan, for trying to kill Medicare, according to Think Progress.

Sean got fed up when one constituent told him his "facts" were based on fraudulent information from the Heritage Foundation, which as we all know by now receives funding from the Koch brothers. Then Sean tried to claim that health care reform cuts $500 billion from Medicare. Another constituent replied that the money wasn't taken out of Medicare, it was used to weed out Medicare fraud (something Duffy's fellow Republican, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, is intimately familiar with).

As Elmer Fudd would say, Widdle Sean got his wump kicked.

Widdle Sean got peeved and told his constituents they could make their own presentation when they held their own Town Hall.

Vewy, vewy nice.