Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WI GOP Sen. Darling next up for recall?

More than enough signatures have been filed to trigger a recall election for Wisconsin senators randy Randy Hopper and Dan Hanky-Kapanke. Now, efforts are focused on recalling the remaining six senators who voted to end collective bargaining rights for workers. There's a lot at stake here. Republicans will lose control of the Wisconsin state Senate if only three of the eight Republican senators are recalled.

Wisconsinites can't wait to unseat Sen. Alberta (not so) Darling next. Recall organizers have until April 29 to collect 20,343 signatures, which is highly likely given the intense disapproval of Darling's vote. The recall filings for Kapanke and Hopper were well above the required signatures, and Kapanke earned the distinction as the fastest filed recall target in Wisconsin history. Odds are good Darling will be one of the next senators to face a recall election. 

Scores of union and nonunion volunteers are coming together to get recall petitions for Darling signed quickly. Recall activists, like Keith Schmitz, are speaking out, as Patch.com reports:
“The Republicans won the election based on a promise to create jobs,” Schmitz said. “They were not elected to enact every right-wing fantasy. This legislation has nothing to do with creating jobs. They never campaigned on end [sic] collective bargaining. It’s a blatant bait and switch.”
Chris Marshall, a mother of four who works at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is also working to get Darling recalled. She recently confronted the senator. Again, from Patch:
Marshall accused Darling of making misleading statements when she said that the recall effort had hired college students to circulate petitions.
“I ran into her in the parking lot of TJ Maxx the other day,” Marshall said. “I told her that she wasn’t telling the truth about that. I challenged her to name one paid canvasser. She couldn’t do it. I told her to look at me – I am working on the recall. None of us are being paid.”
The remaining senators may want to start shopping at Marshall's instead. At least until their recalls are over.