Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walker swears to tell truth, then lies

We thought we'd unpack some of Walker's lies:

Walker: In Wisconsin, we are doing something truly progressive. In addition to holding the line on spending and finding efficiencies in state government, we are implementing long term budget reforms focused on protecting middle class jobs and middle class taxpayers.

Stripping government workers of their collective bargaining rights is not progressive.

And we wonder: Do those efficiencies include giving the loser son of a lobbyist an $80,000-a-year-plus-a -year job for which he's unqualified?

Walker: We are reforming the collective bargaining system so our state and local governments can ask employees to contribute 5.8% for pension and 12.6% for health insurance premiums.

 They didn't need to "reform" collective bargaining; employees already agreed to make those contributions BEFORE he tried to take away their voices.

Walker: Over the past several months, I have visited numerous factories and small businesses across Wisconsin. On these tours, workers tell me that they pay anywhere from 15% to 50% of their health insurance premium costs.

Actually, what workers tell him is, "What's disgusting? Union busting!" "Kill the bill!" and "Recall Walker."

Walker: In 2005, Governor Mitch Daniels reformed collective bargaining in Indiana. In turn, the government became more efficient, more effective and more accountable to the public.

Daniels destroyed government unions and privatized the Indiana Toll Road. Tolls doubled, rest stops are filthy and safety is compromised.

Walker: Since January 3rd, we passed some of the most aggressive economic development legislation in the country. And on nearly every measure, many Democrats joined with all of the Republicans and an Independent to vote in favor of the various pieces of legislation. The Wisconsin legislature recognized that we are growing, not Republican or Democratic jobs, but Wisconsin jobs.

Walker pulled the plug on high-speed rail, which cost 15,000 jobs. He proposes restrictions on wind power so severe that a Chicago developer withdrew from a wind farm development in Green Bay. In February, unemployment rose in every country in Wisconsin but one.