Friday, April 1, 2011

1st WI recall petition to be filed; referendum looking bad for Walker

Good morning. Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be recalled in 276 days, according to the Teamsters recall clock.

In the meantime, Wisconsinites will go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for a Supreme Court justice. The race is viewed as a referendum on Koch whore Walker. And it looks like the incumbent, a Walker clone named David Prosser, could be in trouble.

An internal tracking poll leaked earlier this week showed Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg (endorsed by the Teamsters) are neck and neck.  Yesterday, Prosser's campaign co-chairman, former Gov. Patrick Lucey, resigned and endorsed Kloppenburg. Channel 3000 reports that Lucey issued a statement saying,
I have followed with increasing dismay and now alarm the campaign of Justice David Prosser, whom I endorsed at the outset of his campaign and in whose campaign I serve as the honorary co-chairman.  I can no longer in good conscience lend my name and support to Justice Prosser's candidacy. Too much has come to light that Justice Prosser has lost that most crucial of characteristics for a Supreme Court Justice -- as for any judge -- even-handed impartiality. Along with that failing has come a disturbing distemper and lack of civility that does not bode well for the High Court in the face of demands that are sure to be placed on it in these times of great political and legal volatility.
(Must have been that, "I'll destroy you, bitch," comment of Prosser's.)

Here's more bad news for Koch whore Walker: Democrats have enough signatures to recall ethically compromised Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke. According to the LaCrosse Tribune, they will file recall petitions today.

You can bet Wisconsin Teamsters are working hard to get people to the polls.