Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's disgusting? Jackson Lewis

Mike Clark handbilling Jackson Lewis in Philly.
Jackson Lewis is a union-busting law firm that failed miserably in its attempt to help a German company destroy American jobs. Now it's busy trying to help the rich entitled jerks at Sotheby's destroy more American jobs.

Teamsters in New York and Philadelphia today staged protests in front of Jackson Lewis offices. They passed out a handbill that said, JACKSON LEWIS KILLS JOBS. It explained:
Jackson Lewis, one of America’s largest and most notorious anti-worker, union-hostile law firms, profits by catering to the top 1 percent in breaking workers and unions. It has regional offices in Philadelphia.

Jackson Lewis bills corporations millions to help them use scare tactics and skirt or even break the law. It helps CEOs fire workers and avoid or get rid of unions. Like much of the top 1 percent, Jackson Lewis is complicit in the war on American workers.

So it should come as no surprise that Jackson Lewis is now helping Sotheby’s Auction House destroy good jobs.

Sotheby’s earned record profits this year, yet it locked out its longtime, professional art handlers. Sotheby’s hired Jackson Lewis to help it outsource good, middle-class jobs in New York City to low-wage, inexperienced contractors.

These art handlers have now been on the streets with no paychecks for three months.

Jackson Lewis is betraying America by helping Sotheby’s throw more families onto poverty and unemployment lines.
Handbilling today: Gerald William, Local 929 VP; Joe LaMonica,
Local 500 retiree; Mike Clark, Local 107, John Bryan, Local 929.