Sunday, November 20, 2011

No rest for OH Teamsters as they launch petition drive against GOP congressional map

1 of 2 Teamster petition drive-thrus in Cuyahoga County
Ohio Teamsters gathered signatures yesterday to repeal the unfair Republican congressional map -- even as Wisconsin Teamsters collected signatures to recall Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker and cans of food for needy families. 
Our brothers and sisters are working hard for justice in Ohio this year. They rallied against corporate stooge Gov. John Kasich's union-busting bill in the winter, collected signatures on petitions to repeal it in the spring and summer and got out the vote in the fall.
On Nov. 8, Kasich's union-busting bill went down to stunning defeat, thanks in part to the efforts of Ohio Teamsters.  And now, without missing a step, they're collecting signatures to repeal the Republicans' redistricting map.
Even the conservative Cleveland Plain Dealer opposes the way the Republicans redrew the congressional districts. The newspaper on Friday published an editorial titled, "Statehouse Republicans need to craft a fair redistricting plan:"
Hope still glimmers that Statehouse Republicans will craft a reasonable congressional redistricting bill. The message Ohio voters sent Columbus on Nov. 8, in plain English, was: "Straighten up!"
Voters rejected Senate Bill 5, a weapon Republicans aimed at public employee unions, because Ohioans saw the measure as one-sided. But unless something changes, Republicans -- in another one-sided move -- may force Ohio taxpayers to spend $15 million on two 2012 primaries. The reason: partisan GOP mulishness over boundaries for 16 Ohio congressional districts...
Rather than Statehouse theatrics, voters want constructive government. They won't get it until Republicans strike a reasonable redistricting compromise with positive-minded Democrats.