Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kasich stumps for SB5 wearing shirt from snooty male-only country club

This just in: ThinkProgress reports on a story that just makes your head spin.

Corporate stooge Ohio Gov. John Kasich was campaigning for his anti-union bill while wearing a shirt bearing the insignia of the Pine Valley Golf Club, which discriminates against women (and, we presume, middle-class Americans). Reports ThinkProgress:
Described as one of the “most exclusive” clubs in the world, Pine Valley Golf Club in Camden, New Jersey is “male-only membership” that is offered “by invitation from the board of directors only.” The membership list is “a closely guarded secret” and women wishing to play the course are permitted only on Sunday afternoons.
Indeed, when asked what was on his bucket list of golf courses, former President Bill Clinton noted that he was invited to to Pine Valley but never played because “I have a wife and daughter that don’t like the No Women policy.” Kasich, who has a wife and two daughters, seemingly does not share that same concern.
File it away under "Just What Are These People Thinking?"