Friday, November 18, 2011

Teamsters, CWA, Occupy Wall Street protest Mayor's girlfriend

Protesting Brookfield Properties, which evicted OWS; Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend is a director of the company as well as of Sotheby's.
As many police officers as protesters occupied the pavement today in front of 3 World Financial, the headquarters of Brookfield Properties. Teamsters, members of CWA Local 1101 and Occupy Wall Street rallied to protest the company's eviction of the camp at Zuccotti Park. We posted earlier about Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend's links to Brookfield and to Sotheby's.
Jason Ide, president of Local 814, said Brookfield was not happy about the rally, which included about 50 police officers and 50 protesters. Their target was Diana Taylor, Mayor Bloomberg's galpal. She wants to run for Senate.
Check out the police-to-protester ratio.

Said Ide,
We passed out handbills calling on Diana Taylor to let Occupy Wall Street back in the park. Some of the members talked about getting locked out of Sotheby's, and why Diana Taylor's labor practices are so terrible. We had a chant,
Zuccotti Park out in the streets, there goes your Senate seat.
We asked, 'How can you represent New Yorkers with a labor record like this?
Both the Teamsters and CWA workers, whose wages and benefits are under assault by Verizon, have been helped by Occupy Wall Street. Ide said he was glad unions could help them as well.