Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More arrests at Sotheby's tonight, 'hair raising vibe'

We're just not sure how many people got, or are getting arrested, tonight at Sotheby's, where months ago the 1% running the auction house threw 43 Teamsters art handlers out of work just because they could.

We are sure that Teamsters, union allies, students and OWSers are making Sotheby's and their customers very, very uncomfortable tonight. For a little while we watched the livestream of tonight's protest at Sotheby's here.  We saw the sidewalks just swarming with police officers. We heard the "vibe is hair raising." And this:
@catherina_guate #Sotheby's tonight was most ballistic action I have seen at #OWS
According to the live feed, it seemed the law enforcement officers getting OT to protect Sotheby's entitled jerks are not exactly enthusiastic about the entitled jerks.
greenrose92649: NYPD is part of the 99% too
ping_t: I think this protest at Sotheby's is showing something to the NYPD, they know these ego driven manical bastards who get away with everything go to Sothebys. . .the NYPD sure is acting different
Customers walking in and out of Sotheby's were subjected to the "Shame"jeers, which we remember well from Wisconsin.
@LeftEyeOnBooks: Everyone booing 1%ers heading in to spend their stolen loot at #occupysothebys #occupywallstreet
@musicwars_klc NYC Teamsters make sotherby's guests walk through line of shame. ...check out #occupyNYC for more details
Earlier we heard someone ask, "How many more workers do you have to screw over before you're satisfied?"
Here are some more tweets that give a sense of what it's like on the pavement in front of Sotheby's right now:
@blogdiva NYU4OWS protested alongside Teamsters and other comrades at #occupySothebys tonight. Loud, proud, and angry at the 1%! #OWS
@xpat_here: #Teamsters & supporters put in force ahead of @Sotheby's big sale tonight.the one percent are shopping tonight!
@LeftEyeOnBooks Sothebys Where the .01% shop and the 99% labor #occupysothebys #occupywallstreet
@LeftEyeOnBooks Teamsters + #OWS We are the 99% #occupysothebys #occupywallstreet
"Sotheby's, shut it down, New York is a union town!" #occupynyc #occupysothebys
We'll let you know what happened as soon as we find out.