Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teamsters Occupy CO, OR, NY

Thanks again to Tracy Knauss for the graphic.
Not all the action is in Lower Manhattan today. We've had Teamster sightings in Oregon, Denver and New York. In Portland, Oregon, Teamsters joined the march on Steel Bridge. tells us:
Protesters walked onto the Steel Bridge about 8:30 a.m. in defiance of police, the beginning of what was expected to be a day-long series of demonstrations.
One group of about 20 protesters sat down as they reached a line of officers in riot gear. Police started taking them into custody a few minutes later without incident.
Another group stood, held signs and chanted behind the group sitting.
Sgt. Pete Simpson said the first priority of police was to arrest those sitting, then assess what to do next with the group standing. He said they are more than welcome to walk about to the Rose Quarter transit station and take the MAX across the Steel Bridge.
We learn from @EconFairnessOR:
Taking a stand on the Steel Bridge. Crowd includes occupy, teamsters and active citizens 
Later, from @SueZalokar:
Bridge opening to traffic. Occupies, teamsters on the move. #occupypdx #opdx
@alison_barnwell notes:
A Teamsters truck blocked traffic at NE Oregon and 1st, blasting "Have you been to jail for justice?" #OccupyPortland
Janet Benefield, a LEARN Coordinator for Teamsters Joint Council 3, is rallying today in Denver. She posted on Facebook:
Proud to be a Teamster!!! "DAY OF ACTION" today I will join others to rally at noon and again at 3:30 at bridges in Denver whose infrastructures have seem way better days. Let's put people to work, rebuilding our country into a better and more equitable nation.
And this from Mitchell Davis:
Yes I am out here and just finished making a movie on Teamster history and the war on workers in Colorado. A must see video premiering 12/3/2011 at theStewards annual banquet. For more information contact Mitchell Davis at
We'll hear more from our brothers and sisters around the country as the day progresses.