Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workers get their protest on in NJ, NY, CA, PA (VIDEO)

#BLOOMBERGVILLE - "STAND BY ME" from Rhodes Pictures on Vimeo.

Has anyone noticed that the U.S. is in a sustained period of labor activism? The mainstream media sure doesn't.

Here's what a quick review of rallies, protests and tent cities came up with:

There's a rally to save collective bargaining rights in San Jose tomorrow at 5:30.

The Second Battle of Trenton starts tomorrow at noon in, well, Trenton, to save collective bargaining for health care and to oppose the punitive pen-ben bill that forces unions to take the fall for the misdeeds of Wall Street and politicians. There's also a Christieville up behind the Statehouse.

Bloombergville continues in New York protesting the mayor's savage budget cuts (the Phoenix Suns' Steve  Nash showed up yesterday). And if you missed it, a boatload of nurses rallied today in New York.

Rite-Aid workers are protesting against health care cuts in Harrisburg, Pa., tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

And the Solidarity Sing Along will happen right on schedule tomorrow at the Rotunda in Madison at noon.

They're also protesting today in Greece, Luxembourg, Belarus, Germany, Chicago, Madrid, Syria, and Washington, D.C., mostly over austerity, but in Washington over the Wal-Mart decision.