Monday, June 20, 2011

Koch bros. start campaign for WI GOP senators

You knew this was coming. The Koch brothers' Tea Party pals are starting to phone bank on behalf of the six Republican senators who face recall elections because of their anti-worker, anti-middle class agenda.

At the recent anti-middle class gathering called RightOnline in Minneapolis, the Huffington Post reported,
...activists were calling Wisconsin residents about the nine recall elections at a phone bank sponsored by Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the conservative group funding the conference. Midday on Saturday, about 10 people were in the small room making calls.
The Wisconsin Gazette adds,
Koch, who gave Scott Walker’s ... gubernatorial campaign $43,000 in direct contributions and funneled much more to Walker and other Wisconsin GOP candidates in 2010 through various groups, expects to receive millions of dollars worth of no-bid Wisconsin government contracts for his Koch Industries. Koch Industries is also in line to gain ownership of vital resources currently held by the state.
It's just the beginning, kids.