Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VIDEO: Awesome Walker protest

Ya gotta see this. It's a hilarious protest of Koch whore Scott Walker at Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. We especially like the sailboat that sails behind him with a "RECALL SCOTT WALKER" sail.

Wonkette has a great take on the protest of Wisconsin's hacktacular governor:
...The hippies open their show ominously, holding their “Recall Walker” protest signs as they float silently in their protest canoes behind Walker.
Then, uh oh, they are surrounding the event area. Closing in! They chant at him whenever he stands up. Hey, Scott Walker has a massive bald spot and he is sweaty, and he is probably going more bald just from this event. He wishes the Koch Brothers would just murder all these hippies right now, with poison. Aren’t they doing that anyway? It’s not working fast enough.
Finally, the hippies just cold surround Walker and shove their protest signs in his face while he sweats himself to death. One hero protester manages to say right in his face, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself!”