Monday, June 20, 2011

NJ march to try to save unions today (VIDEO)

New Jersey is the latest battlefield in the War Against Workers. Lardass Gov. Chris Christie and Democratic leaders in the Statehouse agreed to kill collective bargaining rights for government workers over health care (Massachusetts is doing the same thing). Unions staged a giant protest at the Statehouse on Thursday.

Today, historical re-enactors led marchers over the Delaware River in Trenton as the Senate prepared to vote on the anti-worker proposal. Workers are calling it "The Second Battle of Trenton." There's also a tent city set up outside the Statehouse (Christieville?).

This morning, reported BlueJersey,
...outside a fundraiser in Trenton for Assembly Democrats, protesters jeered Assembly Democrats supporting the Christie-Sweeney plan, and cheered Democrats they know will not be selling them out today. Shouts of: "We will remember in November!"...
The AP reports,
...protesters crossed a bridge over the Delaware River in a simulation of George Washington's crossing from Pennsylvania to Trenton in 1776. Many wore 18th century garb and some impersonated prominent historical figures, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Payne and Sojourner Truth....
The proposal is part of a larger bill that requires sharply higher pension and health care contributions - the result of a deal struck between Sweeney, Oliver, Republican Gov. Chris Christie and GOP legislative leaders.
The bill charges employees more to help shore up the underfunded retirement systems. A new tiered system would require teachers, police and firefighters and other public workers to pay a portion of their health insurance premiums based on income. Pension contributions would also rise by 1 percent immediately, and by an additional percent or more after a seven-year phase-in.
Public-sector unions are vehemently opposed, in part because the bill limits collective bargaining over health care. Many Democratic lawmakers agree.
As the Senate voted 25-14 to approve the bill,  @CWA NJ tweeted:
You can hear protestors outside on the senate live feed.
You won't read much about how New Jersey's politicians and Wall Street looted and mismanaged the pension fund, at least in the mainstream media. You can read it here, though. It's pretty clear the unions are taking the fall for the state's pension scandals.

The Assembly is holding a committee hearing on the bill today as well.

With friends like NJ and Massachusetts Democrats, who needs enemies?