Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scott Walker. Still delusional.

CNBC, home of the worst Wall Street prognosticator on the planet, is now enabling Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's delusions.

CNBC started off by insinuating the Wisconsin protesters were Communists and Che Guevera supporters. Um, not the Teamsters who showed up in Madison. Not the doctors, nurses, children, elderly, Baptists, firefighters, cops, teachers, rabbis, ironworkers and so forth. And does anyone at CNBC remember the flag waving and the singing of the patriotic songs. Hello?

Squawkbox also featured Wisconsin's mouth-breathing governor saying the national unions lied to their members and everything is fine now that the protests are over (um, they're not). As far as we know, the only person involved in the Wisconsin drama who lied under oath to Congress is Scott Walker.

@ckmcdonough sets CNBC straight, tweeting
@squawkbox Governor Walker is hated in WI and will be out of office by January
It's hard to keep up with all the howlers CNBC is perpetrating on an unsuspecting public. But one omission deserves mention: CNBC won't report the amount of money the Koch brothers will probably spend on the Wisconsin recalls. Some estimate the union-busting billionaires and their cronies will fork over $100 million.

Bet they didn't expect such sticker shock when they first bought the Walker brand.