Friday, June 24, 2011

Walker tops Scott in budget-signing scandal

(Above: Video of a  protest against Wisconsin's savage budget, with thanks to Blue Cheddar)

Wow. You didn't think it could get any worse than Florida Gov. Predator Rick Scott's budget-signing ceremony. You know, the one where he signed a budget for public spending at a private event and used publicly funded sheriff's deputies to kick out elderly Democrats?

Leave it to Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker to outsleaze Scott. This Sunday Walker will sign the Wisconin budget, which raises taxes on the poor and cuts them for corporations and the wealthy, at a business owned by a tax felon.

Walker's host for the signing of the shameful budget will be Greg DeCoster, owner of Badger Metal Works. DeCaster was sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion back in 1995. Writes Think Progress,
While none of this should cast aspersion on Mr. DeCaster, who served his time in jail dutifully and has paid his debt to society, it is fitting that Walker would choose to sign a budget that absolves the rich from paying their fair share at a business owned by someone who was once convicted of the felony of tax evasion.
You just can't make this up.