Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update on Koch CO confab

Details are trickling out about the Koch brothers' latest conference in Vail on how to destroy the middle-class.

The Facebook event page, Uncloak the Kochs, is posting information about carpools to a Sunday protest at Nottingham Lake Park in Avon. Though the union-busting billionaires are trying to keep the details of the event secret, many people are betting the Koch event will be at the Ritz Carlton Bachelors Gulch. It's a luxury hotel in foreclosure. The financial trouble of the resort's owner
...stems from its deals with Lehman Brothers, according to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal. (Isn't that just perfect?)
Common Cause Colorado and Progress Now Colorado are organizing the protest against the union-busting, oil speculating, thieving billionaire brothers.

And Associated Press gets it exactly wrong in reporting "liberals" will protest the "conservative" Koch brothers. There's nothing conservative about destroying the environment, plundering the government and impoverishing working families.

As Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa once pointed out, the central political battle isn't between "right" and "left," "liberal" and "conservative," but the "individual" and the "corporation."
If you understand politics as a battle between liberal and conservative, then you don't understand politics at all.
The central political battle today is between the corporate billionaires on one side and the little guy on the other. The fight is about whether the government should protect corporate power to enrich a few billionaires, or restrict corporate power to protect the liberty and property of the average American.
We know which side the Koch brothers are on.