Friday, June 24, 2011

CA sen stands up for BMW Teamsters

Here's someone else who thinks it's wrong for a German automaker to kick American Teamsters to the curb after accepting a low-interest loan of $3.6 billion from the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States: California Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Boxer wrote a letter to the head of BMW in the U.S., Jim O'Donnell. Boxer wrote,
As the economic recovery continues, it is deeply disappointing that these loyal employees would be penalized at a time when your company recently reported 2011 first quarter earnings of $1.78 billion -- triple that of first quarter earnings in 2010 -- and first quarter sales 21 percent greater than last year.
BMW's plan is to fire its loyal and hardworking workers from its Ontario, Calif., warehouse, then reopen with a cheaper less experienced work force. Nice, hunh?

Here's what brother Bob Lennox, secretary-treasurer of Local 495, had to say:
They think they can take an American taxpayer bailout and then treat their American workers in a way they would never treat their German employees.
California Rep. Joe Baca also wrote a letter. You can read it here.