Thursday, June 23, 2011

NJ's WI moment

Today's protest in NJ, The Second Battle of Trenton
Looks like The Second Battle of Trenton is a hell of a protest.

The Assembly votes today on the Pen-Ben bill in which collective bargaining rights over health care are destroyed and workers are required to contribute more to the pension and health benefits.

Yup, once again unions are taking the fall for the greed, mismanagement and fraud of politicians and Wall Street.

If you live in New Jersey but can't make it to the protest, call your representative in the Assembly. Here's how, thanks to @TrentonBattle2 DON'T FORGET TO CALL 1(888)724-6474 AND TELL YOUR LEGISLATOR TO VOTE NO ON ASSEMBLY BILL 4133!! #StandUpNJ

More from the tweetosphere:

Shouting outside - or in the hallway? - now clearly audible inside #NJN Senate hearing.
Signs here: you can't fix stupid but you can vote it out!
Bob Master fires up the crowd: We will not scarifice our democratic rights! THIS is what democracy looks like!
Love hearing "God Bless America"
Talking to rally goers, it's difficult to overstate the level of abandonment felt in the crowd
Rev Davidson: I'm not a union member but a citizen standing here w u. And there are 1000s of us out there.