Friday, June 17, 2011

NJ, WI, NY get their protest on

Thousands of union members and their allies rallied outside of New Jersey's Capitol yesterday even as Wisconsinites got their protest on in a dozen towns throughout the state.

Working people in New Jersey are furious that Democratic leaders in the Statehouse went along with Gov. Chris Christie's plan to strip government workers of their right to bargain over health care. (Sound like Massachusetts Democrats?)

The Newark Star-Ledger reports,
Rank-and-file Democrats bucked their party leaders and lined up to pledge their support for thousands of union workers rallying outside the Statehouse today, vowing to cast no votes on a bill that would raise pension and benefits costs for teachers, cops, firefighters and others....
Union workers from all stripes were fired up, booing loudly and sounding disapproving notes on a tuba at any mentions of Sweeney, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and Gov. Chris Christie.
The Star-Ledge estimates the crowd at 3,500, but we all know how accurate the mainstream media's crowd estimates are. 

Wisconsinites rallied against the Republican senators who voted for savage budget cuts and against collective bargaining rights for government workers. Constituents rallied against Cowardly Rob Cowles and randy Randy Hopper.  They rallied against Dan Hanky-Kapanke. They rallied against Lex Luther Olsen

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is ignoring Bloombergville in New York City.