Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walker: 'The face of cruelty and corruption'

Going to the protest. Photo by Steve Nelson.
The Cap Times tells it like it is about Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker -- and offers this warning to the protesters who are descending on Madison today.
He and his allies have violated open meetings laws, limited access to the state Capitol and generally attempted to stifle discourse ever since he proposed a legislative agenda so exceptionally unpopular that it has tanked his approval ratings in the polls, sparked recall elections that could remove up to a half dozen of his legislative allies, and inspired the largest pro-labor demonstrations in modern American history.

...Walker is going to face protests in Wisconsin and anywhere he goes in the United States for the rest of his political career. His extreme policies, his shameless embrace of pay-to-play politics, and his slavish subservience to billionaire campaign donors like the Koch brothers have made Walker the face of corruption and cruelty in American politics. He is not going to clean up the mess he has made of his career and his reputation.
But no matter how extreme Walker may be, and no matter what lengths his supporters may go to in their attempts to advance that extremism, Wisconsinites must guard against being dragged into the dirt with the governor.
For a full recap of the Supreme Court's decision, check out the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The newspaper reports,
The legal fight over Walker's plan will continue on other fronts. Two other lawsuits are already pending, and "numerous" others are expected, according to Madison attorney Lester Pines, who represented Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) in the case the Supreme Court decided Tuesday. The other cases challenge the law on other grounds, rather than on open meetings violations.
It's raining in Madison right now as lawmakers return to the Capitol to work on the budget. The tent city dwellers outside the Statehouse are asking for more tents. And here's a word of wisdom from the tweetosphere:

@4shcrane I know you are tired & depressed, but this IS the Civil War of our time. We have to fight every battle as it comes up