Sunday, June 26, 2011

Koch bro buys pix for $2.3 M

Wow. William Koch bought a rare photo of Billy the Kid for $2.3 million yesterday in Denver. Just in time for the Kochapalooza his brothers are hosting today at a posh resort in Vail, Colo.

$2.3 million for a picture. And William is a poor relation to his notorious brothers, Charles and David, the union-busting, oil-speculating, thieving billionaires.

William is the one who blew the whistle on Koch Industries' theft of oil from public lands. Reports Watchdog Progressive:

In 1999, William Koch brought a civil suit against his brothers, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, under the False Claims Act, which allows whistleblowers to file suit on behalf of the federal government. The accusation? William Koch accused Koch Industries of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars in oil from federal lands. The suit was settled two years later by Charles Koch who agreed to pay $25 million in penalties to the federal government to have the suit dismissed.
We don't have much news yet from the protest today in Vail, where the brothers are holding their confab on destroying the middle class. We do like this tweet, though, from @trickyclones:
billionaires don't jumpstart the economy. middle class consumers do. america, stop drinking the koch!